Nikhil Joy, Director

SolYield is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to maximise lifetime returns from rooftop solar and battery installations.

Driven by a mission to develop affordable digital solutions benefiting both people and the planet, the comprehensive platform interfaces directly with solar plants, estimating solar losses and suggesting corrective actions for over 25 issues, while also tracking the effectiveness of these actions. This results in increased solar generation, safer operations, reduced maintenance costs and prolonged equipment life.

With SolYield, solar installers and plant owners are empowered to manage solar assets more efficiently, ensuring optimal returns and sustainability.

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“Australia stands at the forefront of rooftop solar adoption, and has been a focus market for us since our inception. The insights gained from Australia’s advanced distributed energy resources (DERs) landscape will help us in our global expansion. We are confident that the RISE Accelerator program will equip us with essential mentorship and industry connections to expedite our growth in Australia and contribute to its shift towards a circular economy.”

Nikhil Joy, Director, International Sales, SolYield