Tejas Sidnal, Founder

CarbonCraft is committed to addressing climate change by converting carbon emissions into carbon-negative building materials. They are achieving this through the establishment of India’s first CCU-based (Carbon Capture and Utilisation) Carbon Lab and the development of building materials made from upcycled carbon.

CarbonCraft efficiently stores carbon emissions to produce tiles, aggregates, bricks, and various building materials. Leveraging the expertise of local artisans, they employ low-carbon-intensive manufacturing methods to address modern challenges like air pollution, typically tackled solely through technology.

Through their innovative technology, CarbonCraft connects the volume-based waste management issue with the volume-intensive material consumption industry, aiming to foster a circular economy in material supply and consumption.

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“With ‘Craft against climate change’ as our vision, CarbonCraft is committed to building cleaner cities by building 1M Carbon-negative homes by 2030 to mitigate air pollution and climate change at scale, creating an impact of preventing 100MTCO2.”

Tejas Sidnal, Founder, CarbonCraft