Bariflo Labs

Mrutyunjaya Sahu, CEO, Bariflo Labs

Bariflo Labs specialises in the development of cybernetics around water body management systems. They integrate fluid dynamics, IoT, robotics, block-chain and AI to create solutions tailored for aqua-farm and urban water-body management, industrial wastewater quality management. Their clientele includes aquafarmers, cooperatives, villages, communities, cities, and industries, offering technological solutions across various scales.

Restoring land and water bodies is crucial for ecosystems, offering value from fisheries and agriculture waste. However, projects funded for restoration often struggle to measure their impact due to inadequate frameworks for data collection and analysis. Human error in data collection, coupled with a lack of skilled personnel, further complicates the process. This results in missed opportunities for funders to capitalise on innovative mechanisms like Green and Blue credit schemes to position Bariflo Labs as “Business for Nature”.

Bariflo Labs’ solution aims to automate this process, reducing execution costs for implementation partners. This automation also makes partners eligible for Green credits, providing an alternative revenue stream.

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