Anandh Mathew, COO and Amit Priyadarshan, CEO

Caliche is an application-oriented research organisation that provides technology, design, and development services. With companies looking for efficient solutions for carbon capturing, utilisation, conversion and sequestration at scale, Caliche is committed to finding scalable solutions.

One such solution utilises photosynthetic bacteria for efficient carbon capture and water treatment in agriculture and aquaculture. These bacteria absorb CO₂ from industrial flue gas and organic wastewater, converting it into valuable biomass for various applications. This circular economy approach transforms wastewaters into valuable resources, offering a sustainable strategy for carbon management.

By addressing climate change concerns and promoting sustainable practices, the technology generates diverse revenue streams while repurposing captured carbon and wastewater. It differs from chemical methods by being eco-friendly, economically viable, and producing high-value byproducts with minimal scope 2 and scope 3 emissions.

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“Thanks for all the support, hospitality and love from the RISE team! A wonderful journey that cannot be replaced.”

Anandh Mathew, COO, Caliche