Abhishek Chhazed, Co-founder and CTO

Vedant Gandhi, Co-founder and CEO

Cement inside concrete is responsible for more than 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. India ranks second in cement production, exceeding 500 million tonnes annually.  

To help decarbonise the construction industry, Recyclex has developed Eco-Concrete – a proprietary green material that uses industrial by-products and alkaline chemicals as binder to replace cement.  

Recyclex uses Eco-Concrete to manufacture products such as bricks and pavers that are used in houses, buildings, industries and landscaping. In addition to having a lower carbon footprint, the products are also cost effective to produce whilst adhering to international standards. 

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“The RISE Accelerator program is a perfect fit to help us expand our business in India and Australia as part of our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to businesses and communities.”

Abhishek Chhazed, Chief Technology Officer, Recyclex