Circular Seed

Naren Subramaniam, Founder

Circular Seed is tackling the complex issue of decentralised waste management, with a focus on specialised waste streams that are notoriously difficult to recycle or recover.  

Leveraging advanced technology and environmental science, Circular Seed helps businesses turn waste management into growth opportunities, offering sustainable solutions that reuse, recycle, and/or recover waste that would otherwise go to landfills. 

Their Decentralized Plastic Resource Recovery (DPRR) solution, housed in modified shipping containers, use innovative processes to convert waste plastics into valuable products. These portable, custom-built modules use advanced mechanical and chemical processes to transform waste plastics into commercial products. Designed for adaptability across locations, this system meets diverse demands while enhancing waste management efficiency and scalability, and supporting the shift to a circular economy.  

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“We applied for the RISE Accelerator to catalyse our mission of environmental innovation, seeking to extend our reach beyond borders and forge a global network committed to sustainable progress.”

Naren Subramaniam, Founder, Circular Seed