Meha Lahiri, Co-founder, COO and CFO

Recity is enabling a circular economy of plastics by transforming supply chains and optimising the waste value chain in Indian cities.

Recity’s certified technology digitises waste management in cities to oversee the flow of waste throughout the value chain. Once waste material reaches a Material Recovery Facility (MRF), the facility management system optimises data, ensuring efficient operations and tracking material movement. This equips businesses with real-time and authentic data for plastic credits and allows for integration of high-quality, end-to-end traceable recyclates for their packaging/supply chain.

Currently, Recity is investing in a subscription-based managed platform that aims to bring all stakeholders together on single platform to bridge the gap in the demand and supply of recycled plastic assets.

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“While our impact has been significant in India, we recognise the global nature of Recity’s vision. Expanding across borders is not just an aspiration but a strategic imperative for Recity. We believe that with the RISE Accelerator, we can gain the necessary insights, connections, and support to navigate international markets successfully.”  

– Suraj Nandakumar, Co-founder & CEO, Recity