Left to right: Daniel Ionita (Co-founder & Director), Nicoleta Ionita (Co-founder & CEO) and Alex Mohanu (Sales Manager)

Hi-D Mushroom Vitamin D is an organic plant-based, whole food form of Vitamin D, made in Australia from 100% mushrooms, with zero waste. It is free from any chemical extractions, free from all allergens and is 100% organic.

Hi-D values environmental sustainability greatly, with mushrooms being one of the most sustainable foods on the planet. They have an environmental footprint at least 10 times smaller than any animal/fish products and half of that of most plant-based foods.

Product development of this innovative plant-based whole food option was achieved in collaboration with CSIRO, through the Kick-Start program.

Find out more at: hi-d.au

“With the vitamin D deficiency rate in India at a staggering 75% coupled with the exciting opportunity to bring this environmentally sustainable innovative product to the Indian market we aim to provide an option to a genuine need faced by consumers in the Indian market place and beyond.”

Nicoleta Ionita, CEO, Hi-D