Earthodic is committed to advancing the global transition towards a circular economy by developing user-friendly, bio-based coatings, reducing the amount of packaging waste ending up in landfills.

Earthodic’s functional barrier coatings enable organisations to use more sustainable paper-based packaging solutions. Their coatings are designed for easy application using existing equipment, eliminating the need for costly investments in new systems. In this way, Earthodic support companies in the paper industry and their clients in transitioning to circular production models

Earthodic’s clientele includes paper manufacturers, paper coaters, packaging companies, and consumer brands aiming to produce and utilise cold-chain packaging with enhanced liquid water barrier resistance.

“Earthodic is honoured and excited to participate in the RISE Accelerator program. We are planning to use the program as a launch pad into the rapidly expanding Indian market. The content and networks offered by the Program, will be invaluable for Earthodic as we establish supply chains and customers in India.”

Anthony Musumeci, CEO, Earthodic